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Welcome to rea-valley dot com now in its ninth year online. The website covers the Rea Valley of Shropshire (it is just south and west of Shrewsbury) offering free access to many pictures of the villages and scenery of the surrounding area. Since January 2009 it has has had almost 2,500,000 visits.

Largely we only cover the area we describe so if you are looking for areas beyond it is unlikely you will find them here. In addition to pictures, we have interesting links to other local sites that you may wish to visit, there are also publications, and files to further advance the visitor's interest in the area, these include conservation, walking, cycling, and other pastimes.

We are integrating important communication and information software systems like Forum, Wikipedia and Calendar into one platform as this is the ideal basis for people generally interested in, searching for of any kind of information about Rea Valley.

The basic reason for the installation of this portal is, to gather Information on and about Rea Valley, to share this Information with those interested and generally keep it up to date. The second reason is, to discuss issues that are interesting for visitors to the site.

Finally yet importantly, we want to form a community contributing on a regular basis to the website, communicating and sharing information to each other. Finally yet importantly, we want to form a community contributing on a regular basis to the website, communicating and sharing information to each other. You will need to register with us first then contact us with your area of interest. From village to village, across the region even expatriates and the Diaspora over the continents should find the portal interesting. We encourage all visitors to register IT IS FREE and can be done through your account at Facebook. No problem if you don't have a Facebook account login normally your email address is only used to send out your initial password. Registered users get to use all the features of the site.

Please enjoy the site
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The A488 road cuts through the valley ...








You will find the Rea-Gallery here

You want to check something in the region, scenery and villages. In our own REA-GALLERY you have the opportunity to view the best from our region, all captioned and searchable there are the villages, beauty spots, places to visit and more all for free to view access. Currently there are almost 3000 pictures exclusively covering our region.

None of our images are 'Photo-shopped' all are taken straight from the camera with contrast adjusted slightly and uploaded. We feel the viewer wants to see pictures as they were taken and not someone’s ability to use Photoshop. We use professional Nikon cameras with a large variety of lenses and shoot in NEF raw format.


While "normal" WIKIPEDIA articles are becoming sometimes very long and complex, our Wiki is content is limited to articles related to the  Rea Valley, so it will be even more interesting for people searching or researching.


You may have something to share with others. You may want to hear other people’s opinion on a local issue. Create an account free and login and participate in the forums.

You can then write or comment on the issue or topic in one of our REA-VALLEY FORUMS. This platform enables you to get as much information from as many people possible in a short time. Encourage your friends to join and create your own discussion platform.

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